Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Good Luck Chickens!

Before we knew it, our summer came to an end and it was time for our annual Back-To-School celebration dinner.

This year we celebrated not one, but two students, ready to embark on new adventures in their lives.

The girls started the day with making lists of all that they had enjoyed and new learnings they had, during their summer vacation.  The lists were long and making it brought us so much joy and gratitude.  Later during dinner each urbangirl was proud to share with the family highlights from their list. 

I had Trivia questions on our place mats, along with a Doodle Corner, which brought some laughs and a little healthy competition.  Everyone had a chance to win prizes like a super duper cool sharpener and an elegant Peppa Pig back pack... even Mr. Urban had a chance to win a True Gentlemen's Beef Jerky!

We toasted the girls and wished them a fun and positive year ahead, learning as much as they can about this amazing world we live in and the people in it!  

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